Friday, January 29, 2010

living outwardly.

I was so humbled to get to meet these precious faces this past summer while in India. These children are all orphans that live in a special children's home specifically for HIV positive children.I saw this specific group of children different times this summer as they came to our clinic twice for their checkups and I visited the home once. They are taken care of, loved and guided by some amazing houseparents that are just breathtaking to watch. David and his wife Sylvia are true examples of what it means to count everything the world offers as garbage in exchange for a sacred call. Their lives just ooze with the Gospel.

I watched as they fed, bathed and held these children with a love so mesmerizing that it could only be from Christ. I saw them trust the Lord to provide all that was needed when they truly didn't know where the money would come from. I listened to them testify to God's faithfulness in their life.

The Lord has been teaching me more and more what it looks like for me to live my life outward. Meaning that part of living a life fulfilled by Christ is being others-centered. In America, we are dangerously preoccupied with ourselves. God has not called us to make our lives about making our own ambitions and dreams come true but to be poured out sacrifices for His Kingdom. It's pretty hard for me to be concerned about my future or plans while I'm holding an HIV positive orphan who has never known what it's like to be loved by a family before.

When I was in high school, a very wise friend told me,
"Forget the American dream. Join the God dream."

I have never forgotten those words and the narrow path they challenge me to walk. It is a challenge to myself and to you to remember that your life is not your own. It has been bought with the price of the very blood of Christ.

No matter what job or career or place He has in mind for you, the call is the same. To lay down all your pursuits upon the altar and allow Him to make you a living sacrifice. He has given everything to us, will you give everything to Him?