Saturday, June 4, 2011

summer time=happy time

Everyone has their "list of things to do for the summer".
And I definitely have mine.

But, this morning as I was settling into some time with my Jesus I was reminded how insignificant most of those things are compared to knowing Him even more deeply.
I was moved to begin to read through the Gospels.

For those that are maybe less familiar with the Bible, those are the first four books of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and give accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus.

I wanted to begin to read through these books this summer like I had never read them before in my life. I wanted to be reintroduced to this man named Jesus and be completely captivated by His life and His love.

I didn't even get past Matthew Chapter 1.

Yes, it does kick off with the exciting genealogy of Jesus.
I usually skip that part.
All the way from Abraham to Uzziah to Hezekiah to Jacob to the Man Himself. That passage doesn't usually stir my soul.

However, I began to think about how God perfectly orchestrated this moment in history. Generation to generation, He was preparing the universe for Himself on this earth. God didn't just haphazardly decide when He would plop baby Jesus down in a manger. Every historical event and scenario was planned around this.
Just an example of how our God perfectly puts the details into place. In the big things like sending His Son to this earth and the seemingly small situations in our lives.

For those that may have been followers for awhile, it is very possible for our time in God's Word to lose its luster, beauty and mystery.
But just like in an earthly romance, we have to continue to find new, exciting ways to keep the romance alive! That could be having time with Him in a new place or setting, finding some like-minded friends to study the Word with or choosing a specific book or topic to study.

May we not allow this love to grow cold or weak. Rather, fight to protect it and put it above everthing that life tries to put in its place.
I'm hoping to discover some new things that were not apparent to me before. I want to venture farther into the endless frontier that is knowing and experiencing Him!

How great that we are called to "press forward" and "look to what is ahead" in our journey with Him(Philippians 3)!