Sunday, May 30, 2010

Philippians 3:8

Oh, there is much that could be blogged about. These past few months have been full of the Lord digging deep, me resisting, Him pursuing, and me finally letting Him go there with me.

I am acutely aware at this moment of my desperate need for Christ. Period.
To be in a right relationship with my Heavenly Father, yes. But even beyond, in the smallest corners of my life, it is evident.
He has been quick to remind me who is running this show and it certainly isn't me.
This quote from one of my favorite authors presents this truth:

“Why do we stop short of the incredible vision of radiant, set-apart femininity(or masculinity) He desires to showcase in and through our lives? Because we don’t truly grasp our utter helplessness; our absolute desperate need for all that He is. We don’t understand that apart from Him, we have nothing, we are nothing, and we can accomplish nothing. We are still lookingwithin ourselves to find beauty and strength that can come only from Him.”

On my own abilities, determination, will-power, knowledge, goodness, I really can't do much.

Apart from Him, I can do NOTHING.

I have learned that when I try, things fall apart completely. But when I am quick to lay on my face before Him every morning, hand it all back to Him and say "Do what you want with it", life just works.

There IS pain and resistance when He tries to loosen my grip on things I have held so dear. But I want to count it all as garbage for the sake of Christ! I truly want my feelings, needs, wants, comforts and conveniences to take a backseat so that Christ may be proclaimed!