Sunday, September 9, 2007

Grace Expectations

September 2, 2007

Hello, friends! It has probably been awhile since I have seen most of you, so here is a blog to get you caught up...
West Texas A&M University is FABULOUS! I cannot imagine myself going to school anywhere else. For those of you going, 'Where's West Texas A&M?', look it up on the web('s pretty much the best school ever. You should drop by sometime.
I made it through my first week of classes and even got an A on my first trigonometry quiz! I'm taking 15 hours this semester but feel like that's not enough. I'm sure once I'm bogged down with hours of homework to do in one night I'll say that it is plenty!
So far, I have stayed pretty involved with the BSM (Baptist Student Ministry) here on campus and with First Baptist Church in Canyon. I love having a brand new mission field and people to grow in Jesus with! Next weekend, I'm going with the BSM to the FOCUS Collegiate Conference in Arlington. I am SO excited about that! It is going to be AMAZING! Also, at the conference they will be announcing all the mission opportunities for this summer. I can't wait to see what God is going to show me. I have continuously been asking the Lord every day to use me and boy, when you give Him a request like that, He fulfills it more than once over!
Jesus has been...well...messing me up. Does that make any sense? =D I have been listening for His voice as to where He wants me to serve this summer. At the same time, He has been leading me to places I didn't think I would get to go. He has given me the opportunity to work in a Kid's Klub with underprivileged children at a trailer park here in Canyon through the BSM. He has made it possible for me to take an AMAZING tour of Europe next summer. And I feel that He is also leading me to serve somewhere during Christmas break this year. All the while, I'm sitting here like 'Okay, hold on God, let me just catch my breath for a second? You want me to do what?' Isn't that awesome? We ask for something and He gives it to us in ways we definitely didn't expect.
I got to see my mom the other day! We met halfway in the big city of Childress, TX and had lunch together. It was so refreshing to get to spill my guts to her. =D I hadn't got to do that in awhile.
I wish I could be telling you all this sitting across the table from you drinking some peach tea. Please just be in prayer for me that I will be in tune to what the Lord would have me to do with the mission opportunities He has given me. I want to follow Him wherever He says to go.
Well, I love you guys and hope you are all doing good!